Mostly Butter
Mostly Butter
A Food Based Residency
Baking Edition

Mostly Butter is a food based residency out of my apartment in Detroit, MI where we will bake, cook, and eat food together. The first edition of Mostly Butter will be based on making baked goods, no prior baking knowledge necessary. This residency will be located in my of my kitchen which is cozy but small, therefore only individuals or groups of two may apply.

The Mostly Butter Residency is open to anyone and everyone who has any interest in baking or learning how to bake. Individuals will apply with a specific baked good that they’ve always wanted to make but just never have and together, we will bake it. All dietary preferences welcome.

The cost of the residency is personal travel and half of the cost of ingredients beyond all-purpose flour, butter, eggs, salt, sugar, and baking powder or soda (or any excessive amounts of those ingredients). The residency will typically last a day but may be extended depending on the baked good chosen. If longer than a day, the resident may stay at my apartment in a spare bedroom.

The residency will culminate in a snack sesh with friends and family where we eat the food we made together.

To apply to Mostly Butter, please contact me at telling me about yourself and work, available times and dates, and what you want to bake.

︎ (A small dog and cat will be present) 

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